AMAZING video of a journalist not taking crap from NYPD

This is happening in America, folks.

EthernetTV Future Shock: A Primer From The Modern Father Of Futuretechture

Wave buhbye, singularity!. The Singularity Already Happened and Is In The Process of Happening; marking the year 2029 more likely the time at which a critical mass of 8 billion humans will look back, defining that new default reality, in retrospect; glaringly retarded and obvious for we, the present tense oblivious.

Bye-Bye Singularity!

#Reuters: Crush the #OWS Pathetic Peace, Love, Plenty, Socialist Utopian Crap or You'll Fight Them Again in 20-30 Years

These are the people at the switches and levers of the global propaganda machine? Really? Talk about lacking a lucid message. How is defending a status quo of poverty, war, want, and greed exactly lucid? Reuter’s view of default reality is demented and insane. No wonder nobody trusts any corporate news outlets anymore. Turn off Reuters and tune in to OccupyStream TV.

Michael Moore Stands with #OccupyOakland #99percent at Oscar Grant Plaza

Moore descries the militarization of local police, tanks, war armaments, in anticipation of the inevitable, that people won't take it any more.

45,000 Americans die every year because they can't visit the doctor for lack of health insurance. That's fifteen 9/11's every single year. The GOP Congress is still spending $2 billion dollars a week on wars.

Want to cut spending? Cut the WAR MACHINE OFF!

Moore explains America is not a conservative country. This is a liberal country, even if people don't identify themselves as liberals, in the demonized sense of the term. In polls, the majority of Americans:

  • are against these wars
  • want universal healthcare
  • believe women should be paid the same as men
  • want strong environmental laws, not weaker regulation
  • say gay marriage should be the law of the land (54%)

In last week’s polling, 72% of Americans said taxes should be raised on the rich.

For every hundred or thousand who are here, there are hundreds and thousands behind them. That's why this is so big and why it can't be stopped.